Digital Design Solutions

Achieve greater results and enhance your business through innovative design and marketing.

Design & User Experience

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  • Competitive / Adjacent Analysis
  • Interview Stakeholders
  • Interview Users / User Proxies
  • User Research
  • Identifying Personas
  • User Stories Creation
  • Journey Mapping
  • DoGo Mapping
  • Content Audit / Inventory
  • Content Analysis
  • Testing
  • UI Pattern Library

Whether you are bringing a product to market for the very first time, or looking to make enhancements to an existing solution, we help you design and test product viability and likeability. before investing time and money into it.

The Netrocon process enables you to have greater visibility and forecasting for your product, early in the lifecycle so you can understand market opportunities and make better decisions. By following our IDP (Iterative Design Process) clients and businesses have refined solutions without making large commitments to resources and timelines.

After all, a product or service will not be effective if the proposed design does not meet the needs of the user.

Design enhancements applied to existing products are growth-focused and help drive customer retention and increase user satisfaction. Our User Experience (UX) team will position your business and your products to stand out from competition, giving you a next-generation feel, ease of use, and superior functionality.

Our UX team also empowers development teams and architects to build high-end products by creating living style guides and sketch libraries, which help in product uniformity and brand consistency.

Account Based Marketing Services

85% - ABM bring in more ROI than any other marketing strategy; 42% with “significantly higher” gains -ITSMA & Skyword

Without ABM, only 0.3% to 0.75% of leads generated become closed revenue -Forrester & SiriusDecisions

We don’t talk leads anymore, we talk accounts. We’ll help your sales teams open new doors with our Account Based approach. With ABM we’ll create engagement with all of your buyer committee before we handover the account to Sales and also increase conversions to an average of 40% or more.

Read more to learn about How we do ABM
  • ICP
  • PAC
  • Buyer Personas
  • Segmentation
  • Strategy
  • Content Architecture
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Evaluation
  • Optimization
  • Advocacy

Agile Marketing Services

Our approach to grow your business starts by us asking you the right questions. We uncover deep insights by extensive research and analysis on what matters most in influencing your customer’s decisions. Our marketing strategy is not just based on “what will work” to get your customers interested but on asking “what will change their buying behavior?

By our lean digital marketing approach, we can reduce spending waste on your outbound marketing efforts and drive new opportunities that result in net revenue. We study your customer behavior extensively and apply the right set of practices at the bottom of the funnel, which increases conversion rates. We eliminate unproductive prospects from the start, shortening your sales pipeline and speeding up the sales cycle. We flip the traditional lead generation funnel and create the right account engagement triggers that put the right customers into the funnel.

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  • Revenue Generation
  • Conversions optimizations
  • Pipeline Management
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Funnel Velocity
  • Strategy
  • Content
  • SEO
  • Mobile
  • Social / Paid

ERP & Middleware

AX is a comprehensive ERP solution that supports financial, supply chain and HR business operational processes with primary focus in manufacturing, retail, services and public sectors.

Netrocon’s ERP experts can help
  • Implementing a brand new ERP solution
  • Analyze your existing system, identify pitfalls, fix issues and get back on track.
  • Integrate your business workloads into existing legacy systems and/or IT infrastructure.
  • Leverage your existing Microsoft portfolio avoiding redundancy.
Why AX
  • Robust with out-of-the-box functionality
  • Scalable and flexible to support unique and complex customization
  • Cost effective
  • Is a top-ranked ERP Solution for mid-size companies of $50M - $1B in revenue according to Gartner
  • Easy to use and familiar interface for users
Dynamic 365

In a world where everything is offered as a service, Microsoft smartly combined the capabilities of an ERP with the functionality and UX of a CRM system. 365, released late July 2016, is expected to be a game changer for companies considering a digital transformation. With its unique capabilities in power apps and offerings that set a new benchmark in the CRM space Microsoft 365 is a serious software for small and mid-range customers. Talk to one of our experts today to see if 365 is the right software for your business.